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Applicant Information


You must be 21 or older to foster

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Contact Information

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Work Information

Place of Employment:*
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Foster Preferences

Do you have a preference for fostering (breed, age, etc)?:*
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House Information

Do you own or rent your home?:*

You must provide written proof that you are permitted to have pets.  

Please note:  If “own” is checked, we will do a property search to verify ownership.

Does your home liability or rental contract have any breed restrictions?:*
Landlord's Name:*
Landlord's Phone Number:*

Other Household Members Information

Besides yourself, how many other people live in the household?:*

Provide the following information for other household members:

  1. Full Name
  2. Age
  3. Sex
  4. Allergies
  5. Occupation
Other household member (#1):
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Other household member (#4):
Other household member (#5):
Other household member (#6):
Do you have any current household pets?:*


Are your current household pets spayed/neutered with current vaccinations?:*
How many current pets do you have:*

Provide the following information for your current pets:

  1. Name
  2. Animal/Breed
  3. Age
  4. Sex
  5. Weight
  6. Length of time owned
  7. Date of last vet check/ vaccination
Current Pet (#1):
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Current Pet (#3):
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Veterinarian / Personal Reference Information

  • Please list all the vets that have treated your current or past animals.
  • If you do not have any animals list a personal reference that is a pet owner.
Clinic/Personal Reference Name:*
Clinic/Personal Reference Address:*
Doctor’s Name: *
Doctor's Phone Number:*
Other Veterinarians Used:

General Questions

1. Do you have a fenced outdoor area?: *
If so, please describe. If not explain how you will confine the dog to your property and exercise the dog:*
2. Where will the dog live, eat and sleep? (Please explain fully):*
3. How will you provide exercise/entertainment for the dog?:*
4. How will you handle integration issues with your pet(s) and the new foster?*
5. Do you understand that dogs may be unpredictable and that The Canine Collective cannot guarantee that a dog we place with you may not become aggressive?*
6. Are you willing to assume the risks associated while working with animals who are sometimes frightened and who, in unfamiliar surroundings, may become aggressive and/or bite you or a companion?*
7. Do you have a vehicle to transport the foster dog?*
What are your plans on securing transportation?*
8. Do you have a support system in place to provide transportation as needed (veterinarian visits, purchase pet food/supplies, etc)?*
9. Are you willing to accept the risks involved with transporting a dog inside your vehicle and living in your home, including but not limited to damage?:*


I agree to abide by the following terms as a volunteer and representative of The Canine Collective.

  1. I will not sell or give away any dog in my care to a research facility, pet shop, dog broker or puppy mill, or to any other person, firm or corporation that may cause harm either mental or physical to any dog.

  2. I will contact a board member of The Canine Collective immediately if the dog is in need of medical attention. Dogs in need of medical treatment must be seen by a veterinarian approved by The Canine Collective. All medical expenses must be approved prior to treatment.

  3. I will not use any dog that comes into my care through rescue for breeding purposes of my own or allow it to be used by any other person for those purposes.

  4. I will remember in all my dealings with the public that I represent The Canine Collective and will act pleasantly and answer questions politely, or refer persons to someone who can.

  5. All dogs will be indoor companions. You must have a secure fenced yard or be committed to multiple daily leash walks in all kinds of weather.

  6. If you are living in a rental property you must provide written proof of property owner or management company approval.

  7. All current pets in the household MUST be spayed/neutered and current on all vaccinations.

  8. Veterinarian references are verified.

  9. You must be willing to make a 2-3 adoption event per month commitment to your foster.

  10. IMPORTANT: Expect a 7-14 day adjustment period for your new dog. Our dogs have been through some recent changes in their lives and need a chance to adjust to their new surroundings.

  11. Fosters are the core of any rescue group. We ask that they be treated as a member of your family. This will assist them in learning how to be part of a family again.

  12. In the case of medical emergency, lost dog, or death of an animal occurs, you will contact The Canine Collective contacts given immediately.

 I have accurately completed this questionnaire and appreciate the risks in working with rescue dogs. I understand that The Canine Collective cannot be responsible for the actions, behaviors and/or medical conditions of the dogs that it seeks to rescue, and I agree to assume the risks implicit in working with dogs which may have been abandoned, beaten or otherwise mistreated or abused, or who may suffer from an illness, condition or disease. Further, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Canine Collective, its members and representatives, against any and all claims, known or unknown, now or hereafter, for any injury or damage to property or persons caused by or related to any rescue dog that I may come in contact with, and agree to take any and all necessary precautions to prevent any such injury or damage.

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